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Kitchen cookware contrast

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Kitchen cookware contrast
Kitchen cookware contrast



      Home kitchen, the pot can not be separated from these types: aluminum cookware, stainless steel cookware, iron enamel pot, iron and nonstick cookware. Compare these pot has advantages and disadvantages, but also want to have a better understanding of everyone in the family pot. The advantages of the most prominent non-stick pan.


    Take a look at the characteristics of the aluminum pan, excellent heat distribution and heat transfer effect is 16 times the stainless steel pot and the pot is lighter. Aluminum pan is not easy to clean, the fumes of oil for a long time. The characteristics of the stainless steel pot, heat distribution is not good, is easy to produce poly hot and charred food. Stainless steel pot pot weight, difficult to clean, easy to smoke oil for a long time.


    Iron enamel pot heat distribution is not good, easy to paste pot. This type of pot is difficult to clean, the surface easily damaged iron substrate rusty.
    The wok is the most healthy cookware, but its heat distribution bad,easy to produce poly hotspots the scorched food its pot weight, not easy to clean, easy to rust and oil for a long time the fumes large.


    Overcome all the shortcomings of the traditional pot non-stick, easy to clean, gently wipe that clean. Non-stick pan can easily fry, fried food and non-stick bottom ,minimize oil kitchen clean and less fumes. It can also help to reduce fat intake to and adapt to the modern pursuit of the trend of consumption of low-fat, low-calorie.


    Non-stick products is different by the use of functions can be divided into the skillet, frying pan, fry pan, milk pan.inner surface of the non-stick coating system can be divided into the layer system, two-story and three-tier system pot. Layer system is composed by a single coating of non-stick layer.Layer system is non-stick layer. three-tier system is composed by both bottom and surface coatings by the low-level, mid-level and surface coating The non-stick layer. The outer surface processing method can be divided into the enamel, high temperature paint, polished non-stick pan.


    Suggest that you want to use these types of cookware non-stick so many little,but also in the proper use of the basis on reasonable. Fried foods, such as nonstick cookware may not acidic foods can not be done,these will reduce the life of the non-stick pan. Although the wok more shortcomings but we should appropriate use of iron pots to cook food. Because the great benefits of the the wok made out of food on the body trace element supplement. So these types of kitchen pots and pans, each with their own purposes, but the aluminum pan and suggest that you do not use it relatively large body of harmful.
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